DUBANYA experience


The traditional Russian banya, a variation of a steam sauna, is highly valued in Slavic culture. A place of gathering, a great way to restore one’s health, banya also plays a significant role in mental well-being and restoring inner peace.

Attaining inner peace refers to the achievement of a sense of lightness, tranquility, harmony, and contentment within oneself. It involves reaching a point where one feels a deep sense of calmness, integrity, clarity, and acceptance, regardless of external circumstances.

Invigorating all 5 human senses, banya combines all the elements needed to provide deep relaxation of the soul and body. The main factors that aid in reaching this tranquil state are aromatherapy, variety of physical sensations and contrast of heat and cold.

The air inside the steam room is filled with the warm soothing aroma of natural herbs and wood. Each herb used has its own properties and is used carefully for a specific purpose.
  • Melilot has a strong antibacterial effect
  • Oregano reduces inflammation
  • St. John's wort calms the nervous system and relieves stress
  • Linden boosts immunity, helps to fight common colds and infection, often used in teas
  • Mint is a strong antidepressant, and allows deep relaxation, clearing respiratory ways
  • Wormwood is a universal antibacterial herb, calms the nerves and relaxes the body
  • Chamomile strengthens the immune system, fights viral infections, and reduces inflammation
  • Eucalyptus relieves stress and relaxes the nervous system
  • Wild rosemary provides anti-inflammatory effect and aids in decreasing blood pressure
At DUBANYA we always enquire if any of the guests have preferences or allergies to avoid using herbs that might cause an allergic reaction, creating a safe and a stress-free environment for the body to relax and unwind.
Throughout the banya ritual we serve herbal teas, with unique blends that we create ourselves, as well as natural white honey. The sweet honey taste, its rich texture, combined with the welcoming warmth and smell of freshly brewed herbal teas add to the aromatherapy journey that each guest embarks on, bringing him closer to the feeling of inner peace
Variety of Physical Sensations – veniks, exfoliation and massage
The banya ritual is focused on the human body and physical sensations. The symbol of the traditional Russian bathhouse, which separates it from the steam saunas in other cultures, is a venik. Venik is a bundle of small leafy branches (usually from birch or oak), which is soaked in hot water and then used inside the steam room. The leafy branches are applied rhythmically to the body to increase blood circulation, allow the heat to penetrate deeper inside the body, cleanse and exfoliate the skin, removing dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and more. This rhythm also has as a meditative effect, when the mind focuses on the sound, physical touch, and therefore relaxes.
The banya ritual is often combined with massage, promoting more effective, safe and profound relaxation, and even multiplying the benefits of the massage, as the muscles and tendons are better prepared after the steam therapy. The scent of essential oils and gentle touch of the massage therapist hands movement across the body further calms the mind and body.
Even the small details, such as the feeling of a traditional felt hat on the head, or the soft and fuzzy bathrobe the guests are waring in preparation for the banya ritual add to the overall sensory experience. You are welcome to learn more about DUBANYA’s multisensory experience here.
Contrast of Heat and Cold
Banya is about finding the optimal balance between the heat and the cold. After completing the aromatherapy and venik treatment, the body is warmed enough to proceed to the second part of the ritual — cooling down. It can be done by rubbing snow on the body, taking a cold shower, or taking a dip in the ice-cold plunge pool. The contrast in temperatures brings about an unmatched refreshing, purifying sensation, rejuvenating the body and the spirit.

The dramatic difference and rapid change in these stimuli make the brain focus on the physical sensations, letting go of all the worries and stresses of the day-to-day life, releasing endorphins and spawning the lightness in the body and relieving one’s mental state.

Be Bold.
Be Brave.
Do Banya.