DUBANYA by Blended is inspired by the deep cultural roots of Russian banya.

A unique cleansing and detoxifying ritual that has existed for centuries, the traditional Russian banya experience is a collective of specialist treatments, curated to boost overall health and wellness. A variation of a steam sauna, the temperature of the banya is maintained between 65° and 85° Celsius, with humidity levels kept between 40% to 60% to create a soft and stress-free environment for the body to restore strength, health, energy and vitality.

An unparalleled experience that immerses the senses, the traditionally-lead values and innovative methods of DUBANYA offer an array of health benefits, both physical and mental, aimed at rejuvenating the body. Connecting yourself with nature, the tradition of banya enables you to break away from the day to day, creating a space to meditate, reflect and relax.

Sophisticated, cutting edge and with a fierce desire to change the face of health and wellness, globally, Blended Wellness is not a spa, but an all-encompassing destination that guides you through self discovery and acceptance. Curated with a vision to raise the standards of integrated mental and physical health, Blended Wellness creates clarity and comfort through its unique alchemy of services, combining complete privacy and tailored services with creativity, innovation and premium health and beauty.

benefits of banya


improved circultation

increased red blood cell production

speeds up bodies natural healing

reduced stress

reduces muscle tension & inflamation


Experience deep steam aromatherapy in the timber banya, heated to 85° C to cleanse impurities and detoxify the body.


Partake in a therapeutic venik treatment using traditional oak and birch wood brooms. First softened in cold water for 10 minutes, the brooms are gently and rhythmically applied to the skin to increase the blood flow.

The broom leaves release phytoncides to stimulate the immune system, tannins to act as a natural astringent and flavonoids, known for their anti-inflammatory properties.


Dip in a hot and ice-cold plunge pools to bring your body back to base temperature, increasing blood circulation.


Enjoy a purifying organic scrub to renew skin cells and open the pores.


Relax and indulge in a selection of refreshments, Russian delicacies and traditional herbal teas.

Whilst visiting the Banya,
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